What happens in a session

Initial consultation 

Where possible, I offer a short consultation session which enables you to meet me in person and discuss what you hope will be gained from future sessions, and the timescale needed to achieve this.   This free session helps me gather information on strengths and weaknesses, and identifies concepts needing extra help.  

Subsequent sessions

Whilst every student’s needs are unique, subsequent sessions may involve:

  • Revisiting mathematical concepts your child has worked on at school, teasing out difficulties and checking understanding
  • Practicing exam questions and techniques
  • Using games and activities to rehearse mental arithmetic facts and strategies
  • Building up understanding of mathematic concepts
  • Practicing word and real life problems and applying the maths
  • Investigating the mysteries of mathematics

One-to-one tuition means that I am able to hone in on problem concepts, clarify and extend mathematical thinking and build confidence at the precise moment you or your child needs that help.  For more information please see the individual pages for the level you are looking for.

Key stage 1 & 2

Key stage 3

Key stage 4 / GCSE

Adult tuition

QTS Professional Skills


Sessions will usually take place at your house, although this can be negotiable.  Students learn better in a quiet, well lit and ventilated room.  Sessions are relaxed and informal, with each one tailored to help you or your child progress at their optimal rate.