QTS professional skills

I am available to support students preparing for the QTS professional skills test in numeracy.  This compulsory test is broadly based on concepts met at GCSE level, but some students benefit from refreshing and updating their knowledge.  The online test is in two parts- a timed audio mental arithmetic focus, followed by an on screen section focusing on solving written arithmetic problems and interpreting written data.

One-to-one tuition

Sessions generally focus on three areas:

  1. Maths concepts required in the test specification
  2. Skills required to respond to questions, including techniques to help simplify the question and work the answer out more quickly
  3. Practising mock tests to get familiar with typical questions, increasing speed and rehearsing exam techniques

If you are reasonably confident with the maths concepts required and adept with numeracy skills such as your multiplication tables,  you may only need one session to refine your techniques, increase your confidence and gain useful exam techniques.  For others a few more sessions may be required.

Sessions are tailored to focus on the areas that you feel need attention.  There is often more than one way to work out a calculation and I can explain various techniques so you can find the one that suits you.  I can provide extra resources for you to practise in your own time which will sharpen your numeracy skills, and I am also happy to offer email support up to the test date for those rogue practise questions!

Having struggled with maths in my own time, I can empathise with learners who find some concepts difficult.  I make good use of my own experiences to find a strategy or method to suit you.

Sessions are available for adults from Monday to Thursday and at weekends by arrangement.  Evenings are the most requested time for tuition and tend to be booked up quickly, so if you are able to commit to a daytime session I am more likely to have availability.


Dawn has a sympathetic approach and understood my particular situation.  I am pleased with my overall progression and rise in level of confidence and would recommend her as a tutor to others. Charlie, PGCE student

Dawn enabled me to pass my QTS Numeracy test by coming up with easy ways
for me to remember things and teaching me quick new methods for mental maths
that I was never taught at school. Dawn was able to explain things in a much
simpler way than the revision books could. She constantly reassured me, and
had confidence in me that I would pass first time, which I did!  Emma, PGCE student

Dawn has been tutoring me for my Numeracy QTS Skills test, which I passed first time. I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone who wants extra support in maths and, like me, the Numeracy QTS Skills test. Dawn has taught me many different techniques and increased my confidence in answering mental arithmetic questions.  Thank you so much for your support! Rebecca Croft, PGCE student


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