Key Stage 3

At secondary level, students begin to study a wider and increasingly more abstract range of concepts.  Session content tends to be directed by the student as well as by concepts identified by me.

A typical session starts with a brief mental arithmetic focus, as it is still important to retain and use numeracy skills.  We then focus on one or two concepts in more depth, teasing out the difficulties that the student is having and working on their understanding.

Flexibility is key- whilst I plan ahead for which concepts we will cover, if something arises that week that the student wants to revisit, that will be accommodated if possible. I have a range of suitable textbooks and other resources which give lots of opportunity for practise, my emphasis being on students talking and doing as much as possible.  I provide tools such as a scientific calculator, geometry set etc but it does help for the student to become familiar with using their own tools if possible.

Students do not have to undertake a national test or exam in this key stage, but I am happy to advise and help with exam technique for any school set exams.


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